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Decal Designs Holiday 2017

No enquiries will be answered and No orders will be made or sent between 22nd May 2017 & 19th June 2017

Sorry for any inconvenience this causes.


Decal Designs are now able to provide a 3D printing service

A range of 3D printed upgrade parts for quadcopters coming soon



Coming Soon

3D Printing

Decals for quadcopters

Quadcopter landing pads



Decal Designs is printing again

Not much has been happening at Decal Designs for quite some time due to a heavy work load, ill health and problems with equipment. I am sorry for not being able to take on a lot of your decal printing jobs.



Decal Designs takes to the skies to supply high quality decals to the RC Aircraft & Helicopter market. Click on the Aeroworks banner to be taken to the Decal Designs Aeroworks Page.


UK customers can now order and pay for items from the "Decal Store" page directly from my website,using the "Add to Cart" buttons found under each item. Some items also have a drop down menu to select different colour options for each decal sheet. I am hoping to add this new feature to my website for the "Name Stickers" page soon. Please note this feature is provided through PayPal, but you Do NOT need to have a PayPal account to pay with a credit or debit card.

Customers from outside of the UK, please email me their requirements as in the past so I can calculate the international shipping rates.


We have just changed our web hosts, sorry if you have experienced any problems with our website.


Due to some problems not receiving some emails from the address, I have gone back to my original email address of Please use this email address from now on. The old address will still be live, but I may not receive your messages.


Firstly, a very big apology to all my customers that have been experiencing very long delays with their orders and have not had replies to their emails. 2009 was a very difficult year with changing my daytime career and some ill health. Not much time was left to devote to Decal Designs. I am now in a position to put more time and effort back into Decal Designs and hope that you will try and be patient a little longer while I try and catch up with the backlog of orders. If any of you wish to confirm your requests by email, please feel free and I will contact you as soon as possible. Orders that have been placed through Darren at DMS/X Factory UK again will be addressed as quickly as possible. Once again, I apologise for the inconvenience caused.


Decal Designs Team Driver Ellis "Big E" Stafford does it again and retains his BRCA 2wd 1/10 Off Road National Title for a second year running. Well done Ellis, life in the old dog yet!!!


!!!Decal Designs Decals, The Fastest In Europe!!!

Our congratulations go to Ellis "Big E" Stafford for taking "TQ" and 2nd place in the 2009 European 2wd 1/10 Off Road Championships in Spain. Ellis uses our custom decals and transmitter skins.

Big E


We would like to announce that after a long and happy working relationship with Darren Boyle of X-Factory UK we have appointed them as distributor for Decal Designs Products in the UK. We look forward to their help delveloping more new and exciting products in the near future. If you are a retailer wishing to stock our products you can contact them at


I would like to apologise to my customers that have been experiencing delays with their orders and replys to emails recently. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have not been able to allocate as much time as I would have liked to all the many requests I have received. I am starting to catch up on the backlog and hopefully everything will be back to normal soon.

Kevin Waite

Decal Designs



Happy New Year


Happy Racing

from everyone at Decal Designs

Decal Designs proudly presents the first of the newly designed Custom Works Transmitter Skins. The skin you see below we supplied to our first team driver Ellis "Big E" Stafford. Send us a photo of your car and let us work our magic and produce you a pure custom transmitter skin that is unique to you.

Decal Designs Custom Transmitter Skin

Comment left by Ellis after he received the skin.

"Got the transmitter etc back this morning........and it looks even better in the flesh :)"

Ellis "Big-E" Stafford - UK

Decal Designs would like to welcome Ellis "Big E" Stafford as our first team driver. Ellis will be using our decals and transmitter skins for the 2009 season and beyond. We wish Ellis all the best for the upcoming racing season.

Ellis Stafford



Decal Designs Company Logo Decal Sheets can now be ordered in Fluorescent colours & Black. The colours that are available are Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink & Green. Check out the Decal Store for more details.

Decal Designs Name Stickers can now also be ordered in Fluorescent colours with Black printing, for those of you who want to stand out even more!!!

Fluorescent Logo Decal Sheets


There are no details of the fluorescent colours on the Name Stickers page yet as this page will be having a major update very soon. The cost of Name Stickers printed onto Fluorescent vinyl will be £19.99 per set of 60 on average, depending on the size of the stickers. If you require Fluorescent colours, just mention this in your email enquiry.


The first prototype of the soon to be available range of Custom Wing Skins from Decal Designs.

This one, made for Pirate RC, was spotted at the 2008 Novarossi GP today.

Thanks to Pirate RC for the photo.

Pirate RC Wing Skin

Decal Designs Pirate RC Wing Skin

Congratulations to Ellis Stafford

for taking the 2008 BRCA 2wd national title with the fantastic X-Factory X-6.

His cars are shown below sporting his trade mark "Big E" Decal Designs Name Stickers.

Ellis Stafford

Ellis Stafford's X-Factory X6 with Decal Designs Name Stickers

Above photos kindly supplied by Matt Benfield

And for 2009 sporting the new super sexy "Vaykal" X-6 Bodyshell?

With his trade mark "Big E" Decal Designs Name Stickers.

Ellis Stafford's 2009 X-6

Above photo kindly supplied by DMS Racing


After a marathon 10 hour print run yesterday, Yes, 10 hours without a break, That's a lot of decals and a Banner, I can happily confirm that everything is now back to normal and working perfectly.



I would like to apologise to my customers that have experienced a delay with their orders. We have been having some technical problems with our printing equipment over the last few weeks. I am happy to inform you that everything is now back up and running and should be back to normal soon.

Kevin Waite
Decal Designs














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